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Profile Carly Rae Jepsen, A Canadian Female Singer

Maybe if you do not have curiosity (Curiosity), musician from Vancouver will never leave his hometown to become a singer and songwriter who currently has scooped several awards such as the 2010 Juno Awards, Much Music Video Awards 2012, and was nominated at the Teen Choice Awards 2012 as well as the Western Canadian Music […]

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Bios And profiles Selena Gomez Talented Female Artists

Artist pretty and cute – cute Selena Gomez was born on July 22, 1992. Selena Gomez is the only child of the couple Ricardo Gomez [Mexico] and Mandy Cornett [Italy]. But when stepping on 5 years of age Selena, Selena’s parents divorced in 2007. Selena was born not from a wealthy family. Selena has acting […]

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Naughty Boy Saying that Zayn Malik That An Artist

While still in One Direction, Zayn Malik is known as one of the main vocalists. Even the girlfriend Perrie Edwards has often gets high notes in the song 1D Zayn vocal beauty have returned reinforced by nearby good friend who is also a producer of songs, Naughty Boy. Reporting from Sugarscape, Naughty Boy meyankinkan if […]

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Sleeping Janet Jackson Finally Ready Back Again

In the era of the 90s, the whole attention of music lovers as centered on the figure of Janet Jackson. Dark skinned female singer is actually performed by not a few hits were outstanding. But over time, his name began to not appear again. The new songs had been no longer released. This is certainly […]

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Because ‘Leaks,’ Partner Ariana Grande’s Forced Release Songs

Yes, it has long been guessing, as a result there is no certainty regarding the new album The Weeknd. The fans assumed that the new album of the singer who has worked with Ariana Grande is going to be released soon. Assuming it is called, comes from leaking three songs from The Weeknd. The song […]

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Is it True Age One Direction Live Five Years After Why Can?

One Direction is favored almost all teenage daughter universal. Not just give a song-song catchy, the display of all the member boyband is also cool and cute. Looking from the existing history, boyband really little that has longevity. Many people are asking whether they will be durable? Surprising news came, one of the senior people […]

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Turns Jason Derulo man idolized MC Hammer

Jason Derulo turns imitating MC Hammer in the course of his career. 25-year-old singer became a big name in the world thanks to the single Wiggle RnB and Dirty Talk. Not the same circumstances as he just build his career in the music world. At that time, MC Hammer became a role model Jason in […]

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